пятница, 14 сентября 2012 г.


COLUMBUS, OH -- The following information was released by the Supreme Court of Ohio and the Ohio Judicial System:

The Supreme Court of Ohio Judicial College will deliver its annual three days of instruction for magistrates from across the state this week.

Courses will range from topics focused on individual areas of law to basic 'nuts and bolts' discussions at the 2011 Magistrate Practice program.

Magistrates practicing in the general division of common pleas courts will delve deeper into several aspects of the foreclosure process, including mediation, modifications and forbearance; receivership; bankruptcy; and proof of damages and necessity of affidavits.

The juvenile practice area seminar will include presentations on the state's differential response program and the use of trauma-informed approaches.

Domestic relations practitioners will receive information about pediatric behavioral health issues and the domestic relations manual grant project and bench cards.

Probate magistrates will learn about adoptions, probate issues related to marriage, VA guardianships and unusual jurisdictional issues.

Topics related to consumer law - including the Consumer Sales Practices Act, related statutes and applications for small claims court and damages - will be discussed in the session designed for magistrates working in municipal and county courts and the general division of common pleas courts.

The Judicial College also will offer one half-day session open to all jurisdictions centered on comparing Civil Rule 12 motions with Civil Rule 56 motions and another half-day session on aspects of the practical applications of contempt.